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Botting for Runescape Gold

Macros, macros, macros! No, I’m not talking about the gigantic space-robot-fortress. I’m talking about botting. There are tons of bots to be found in Runescape up to this day, given that its popularity has not waned for the last 15 years despite stiff competition from bigger and better AAA titles like World of Warcraft, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, and even the newly hyped Blade and Soul. Runescape gold farming is still a very popular thing to do these days especially with millions of accounts Runescape already has. While I don’t condone botting of any type in any game, leave it […]

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Runescape Gold! Interested in a 15 Year Old Game?

It’s impressive that Runescape has managed to stay alive even amidst the stiff competition against a lot of newer and far more impressive titles. It’s even managed to stave off most of the ill effects of its age due to being a such a deep and complex title. Runescape differs from most MMOs because it can be played via browser if your Java is updated, making it clear that, for Jagex, they can make anything easier so long as players get to play. There’s a downloadable client if you wish to play it there, but it certainly isn’t necessary in […]

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