Runescape Gold! Interested in a 15 Year Old Game?

It’s impressive that Runescape has managed to stay alive even amidst the stiff competition against a lot of newer and far more impressive titles. It’s even managed to stave off most of the ill effects of its age due to being a such a deep and complex title.

Runescape differs from most MMOs because it can be played via browser if your Java is updated, making it clear that, for Jagex, they can make anything easier so long as players get to play. There’s a downloadable client if you wish to play it there, but it certainly isn’t necessary in order to enjoy the full 3D rendered avatars and environments with some decent-looking animations and top notch sound engineering.

With a whopping 200 million created accounts, Runescape is, by far, the largest free to play title available in the market right now and is even regarded as such by the good folks over at the Guinness Book of World Records. Similar to some games like Morrowind, Runscape focuses more on skill point grinding than traditional leveling that is surely a welcome change for many gamers so sick of today’s standards from AAA titles.

Support from Jagex has never ceased either as they continue to create loads of content that specifically target different parts of Runescape’s playerbase, especially noticeable with regard to the recently added Darkscape and Deadman mode that caters to the tastes of hardcore PKers. No amount of Runescape gold will ever be able to placate the needs and wants of every individual player and Jagex knows that. If you ever do think to buy Runescape gold, be careful as Jagex is ever vigilant with these sorts of transactions.

But perhaps the biggest draw of Runescape is that since it has been in existence since the early 2000’s it has a loyal fan base that keep playing, ensuring that any new player that plops into existence on any server is sure to be welcomed by a large and still-growing community. Even with the announcement that Jagex has a new MMORPG in the works, they still ensure that Runscape and all of its subsidiary types and alternatives are still taken care of with monthly updates and events. In fact, Runescape is still holding their 15th anniversary with a bunch of events and in-game goodies that are sure to tickle the fancies of new and old players alike. I’d throw a bunch of Runescape gold at my screen if it’ll ensure that the servers stay up for another 15 years.

It’s rare to find a gem like this out in an industry that perpetually eats its young. Despite its age and other competition, Runscape stands the test of time and it’s a game you can still get into today.