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Some greedy merchant is buying all the food, and Nails Newton wants your help in preparing a pie that will make him sick. Let Them Eat Pie is a free-to-play quest in Runescape for RS gold hunters. Read the article below for a walkthrough/guide to this quest! A Bad Merchant: Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters This quest is short and easy and won’t require you to purchase items with RSgold. Speak to Nails Newton to begin this quest. You can find him next to the lodestone in Taverley. He will explain that a greedy merchant […]

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Time for another Runescape F2P (free-to-play) quest guide, RS gold hunters! Help the Burthorpe Imperial guard gain access to the Death Plateau in order for them to defeat the hostile trolls in this quest for more gold4rs! Find out more about the Death Plateau quest in the article below. Thrower Trolls at the Death Plateau: An Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters You can start this quest by talking to Commander Denulth first. You can locate him south east of the Burthorpe Iodestone, inside the building. He will tell you of the Thrower Trolls that have taken over Death Plateau, and […]

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