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There are so many money-making tips for players of Runescape. That’s expected, considering how vast this game has been and will continue to be. Getting more cheap RS gold depends entirely in knowing the market. If you know what other RSgold hunters need, then it will be easy to make gold4rs. In this guide, you will learn how to earn Runescape gold by enchanting Onyx Bolts that most players look for. Investing Runescape Gold as Capital First off, you will need to buy Runescape gold for this method. If you do not buy RS gold, you’ll have to have enough […]

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Herbs are a good source of Runescape gold. Especially for herbs such as the Toadflax as they are often used in potions to help train Herblore. In today’s guide, we will teach you how to get profitable albeit cheap RS gold by planting and farming this particular herb.  This method requires a moderate amount of gold4rs though, so it is up to you if you want to buy RS gold. As with many planting endeavors, you must give before you take! Investing Runescape Gold as Capital For this method, you will need cheap Runescape gold for Toadflax Seeds and Supercompost. You will also need to […]

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Some of the Runescape players, who are interested in their particular character status, need lots of runescape gold. Why? So they can change or customize their weapons and rs items better. But keep in mind that you can always swap some of your rs items. Don’t just throw it if you don’t need it anymore. However, some of the players don’t do this, they sell their items. So remember that you can always do business with your unused items. Trading and selling are the most helpful and best way to get rid of unused items and to earn Runescape gold as […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Runescape gold hunters! As with all holiday events, Christmas comes to Runescape with a month long festive celebration. Celebrate Christmas with fellow gold4rs hunters and claim your event-exclusive prizes. Advent Calendar for Runescape Gold Hunters From 00:00 UTC on December 1st, get special gifts every day for free with the in-game Advent Calendar for Runescape gold hunters! Access the Advent Calendar through the Christmas interface, and check in every day until Christmas for another present, including useful – and sometimes rare – rewards worth tons of rsgold. In the event that a specific blessing takes […]

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Treasure Hunter is a playable feature from within Runescape, which allows players to use Keys in order to claim in-game items as prizes. These items range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear which Runescape gold hunters will surely love. Today’s article will feature the final events for November for lots and lots of RS gold rewards! Thanksgiving for RS Gold Hunters November’s coming to an end, so here’s a highlight of this month’s final events in Runescape for gold4rs enthusiasts! Thanksgiving is finally here, and Gielinor is preparing for some turkey-tastic shenanigans to celebrate. From 00:00 UTC on 26th November until 23:59 […]

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Runescape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in January 2001. It is a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java or HTML5, and incorporates 3D rendering. The game has had over 200 million accounts created and is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest free MMORPG and the most-updated game. Enter your Design, RS Gold Hunters In 2016, Runescape will be 15 years old, and in celebration, Andrew and Paul Gower will be returning as guest designers and executive producers for a new quest as a treat for RSgold hunters. As a special treat, gold4rs enthusiasts are given the opportunity to contribute to this much loved […]

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Last October 1st until the 5th, a new event for the Treasure Hunter on Runescape took place. The nights are drawing in, Halloween’s on the horizon, and things are getting darker and darker. Did you miss the Corrupted Chests? Whether you did or didn’t, find out more about this event in the article below, RS gold hunters! The Corrupted Chests for RS Gold Hunters From 00:00 UTC on 1st October until 23:59 UTC on 5th October, an ominous-looking charge bar at the top of the Treasure Hunter interface appeared, which you fill up by using Keys, by skilling or killing in game, or a […]

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Treasure Hunter is a playable feature from within Runescape, which allows players to use Keys in order to claim in-game items as prizes. These items range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear which RS gold hunters will surely love. Playing Treasure Hunter for RS Gold Hunters It’s quite simple, really. Click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you’ve not played before, just follow the on-screen guide. Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more keys or stock up by redeeming Bonds with gold4rs. The Lost Sword of Raddallin […]

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The Death of Chivalry is an F2P Runescape quest that replaced Black Knights’ Fortress. It features Sir Owen and Saradominand is the second quest to take place in the Sixth Age. Find out more about this quest in the article below, Runescape gold hunters! To the Saradominist Crypt for Runescape Gold Hunters The portal from before will lead you to a Saradominist crypt with three Black Knights torturing a Damsel. After a quick cutscene, you’ll have to face off against the three Black Knights. Though they will be scaled to your combat level, you should have some food in your inventory when you buy RS Gold as this could […]

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