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Flipping for Runescape Gold within the Grand Exchange Flipping is basically buying of items in a lower price and re-selling it later for a higher Runescape gold price. This is the easiest way of selling, however it takes a lot of patience.  Generally players use the Grand Exchange to get the item that they need at the same time getting runescape gold out of your items for sale. Before you invest in flipping, first thing you have to do is research the item that you will sell for Runescape Gold. Usually majority of the players bought Pk items, those could […]

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Selling of Discontinued rare items for Runescape Gold Discontinued rare items are seasonal items that can be obtain for a certain time, after the given time those rare items are can no longer be obtain. however the discontinued rare items are still available within the marketplace. Rare items are also very important part of Runescape’s economy, players work hard to invest in their skills to be able to get rare items and other can sell it for Runescape Gold.   Merchanting Guide to Runescape Gold Majority of the rare items prices will suddenly drops and suddenly rise up. This is […]

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What ore to sell for Runescape Gold? Mining can be a slow skill, but knowing how to manage the ores that you mine can lead to a big profits. I have been recently leveling my mining skills, as a result I found out which ones are easily to mine and can have a big profit for Runescape gold.   I found out that Coal is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money. The coal rock respawns much quicker than the other rocks within the mining sites. You can only mine coals at level 30 mining skill but […]

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Woodcutting VS Mining for RuneScape Gold Harvesting of RAW material for crafting is one way to make a profit in RS. There are a lot of skills to choose from in RunesScape, but which one is much profitable? For a player who focuses more on selling runescape gold to other players would either choose Woodcutting or Mining.   Woodcutting is the easiest and enjoyable skill to do and one of the money making skill. The raw materials from logs can be use to create weapons like bows. And also the different kinds of logs can be also sold in the […]

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Runescape Opens New server for Runescape Gold Hunters For all of you guys who are great fans of Runescape a new server has been open at the end of February 2013. Now we can experience almost “historic” 🙂 version of the game back from 2007 and earn Runescape Gold. The server is open for members only which I personally find a great news. Jadex has also announced that the play will be free of charge for at least first 6 months. So it is time to check it out! Feel free to share your experience from the game play in […]

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Welcome to my blog about Runescape! I hope I can share some interesting information and news about this game with you. I also look forward your comments!

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