OSRS Gold: OSRS in Steam is Not a Bad Idea

Steam has garnered popularity in recent years and quite worthy because it has been a good platform in getting games, organizing and playing those games through Steam. With an ancient game like OSRS (Old School Runescape), is it a good idea for it to be available in Steam? Let’s enumerate some points.


Old School Runescape Gold


OSRS being F2P

  • If OSRS becomes a full time free to play game, many players would definitely entertain the game even if it is old school. OSRS population might even boom if ever this happens. People will definitely think it is a game worth trying because (if) it is free.


  • As Runescape 3’s release is nearing this year, if ever OSRS is available in Steam, this will be a good advertisement for the said release. “Oh there is a new Runescape coming this year, might be a good idea to try the old one first so that I have a background on the new one” – this is a likely thought in the availability of OSRS in Steam. OSRS can be a good introduction to new players who find the game if it is available in Steam. There can be a hyperlink to the homepage of everything Runescape as well in their page in Steam which is a good form of advertisement.

Shareable Game

  • As you can share games in Steam, this is also a great way to spread news of OSRS and increase the popularity of the old game. As an MMORPG, players will most likely want their real life friends playing the same game and what greater way to lure them in by sharing the game with them as a gift in Steam.


Sell RS 2007 Gold Online

  • Steam may include selling RS 07 Gold in their shop if ever. This can be an additional income for Steam and/or OSRS. For now, you can buy your Old School Runescape Gold here


This is all speculation on what good it will bring if Old School Runescape is in Steam and there is nothing but good news so far. Is there a bad side to this? That is for another day.