Nov-Ender Events Highlights for RS Gold Hunters

Treasure Hunter is a playable feature from within Runescape, which allows players to use Keys in order to claim in-game items as prizes. These items range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear which Runescape gold hunters will surely love. Today’s article will feature the final events for November for lots and lots of RS gold rewards!

rs gold thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving for RS Gold Hunters

November’s coming to an end, so here’s a highlight of this month’s final events in Runescape for gold4rs enthusiasts! Thanksgiving is finally here, and Gielinor is preparing for some turkey-tastic shenanigans to celebrate. From 00:00 UTC on 26th November until 23:59 UTC on 30th November, there’ll be 20 turkeys to discover crosswise over Gielinor – 10 in the individuals’ range of the diversion, 10 in allowed to-play. Visit to the cook’s sibling in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen, and begin with the poultry-annoying fun. Discover 10 turkeys and you’ll get an arrangement of turkey drumstick weapon overrides, in addition to the Thanksgiver title, messenger cape peak and Turkey act out, in the event that you don’t have them as of now. Track down every one of the 20 and you’ll get a substantial XP light, in addition to the Mackers pet, on the off chance that you missed him in earlier years. Go on and be merry! Let’s all celebrate Thanksgiving, RSgold hunters!

Black Friday Solomon’s Stone for RS Gold Hunters

It’s Black Friday in Gielinor as well and Solomon’s been working diligently making some enticing arrangements of his own. 3 phenomenal things including pets, outfits, Packs and administrations will be highlighted at a bargain every day from 00:00 UTC on 27th November until 23:59 UTC on Monday first December.

Black Friday Hauls for RS Gold Hunters

Head to his store close to the Grand Exchange or by means of the Runescape site and pack yourself a deal when you buy Runescape gold! Return tomorrow for some amazing Black Friday bargains in the Merch Store too – a lot of items for cheap RS gold await you.