Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Some greedy merchant is buying all the food, and Nails Newton wants your help in preparing a pie that will make him sick. Let Them Eat Pie is a free-to-play quest in Runescape for RS gold hunters. Read the article below for a walkthrough/guide to this quest!

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A Bad Merchant: Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

This quest is short and easy and won’t require you to purchase items with RSgold. Speak to Nails Newton to begin this quest. You can find him next to the lodestone in Taverley. He will explain that a greedy merchant named Rolo the Stout is buying all the food in the area and selling it for extortionate prices that the refugees can’t afford. Nails has a forged letter authorizing all the food in the storehouses to be given away for free, but he needs Rolo’s seal which he keeps in a chest. Rolo is known for his love for expensive pies, so Nails wants you to help prepare a pie that will make him feel so ill.

Gathering Maggoty Flour and Manky Crayfish: Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Go south then east across the bridge to find a maggot-ridden troll corpse. Gather fishing bait from it, then collect some wheat from the field south of where you are. Go to the watermill and put the wheat and the bait in the hopper, then go back to the ground floor to empty the bin; you will obtain a pot of maggoty flour. Note that you don’t need to have an empty pot for this. Take the flour back to Nails to receive a maggoty pie shell from him. Next, go north – a short distance to the fishing spot – and fish a raw crayfish. Enter the flax field to the west of the fishing spot where you will bury and retrieve the crayfish automatically. Now, go back to Nails to give him the manky crayfish.

Of Stinking Potatoes and Expensive Spices: Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Nails wants you to prepare a potato. You can get a free raw potato from Head Farmer Jones, north of the flax field. If you have a potato in your inventory—but you can also buy one with gold4rs. Anyway, obtain the potato and take it to the small snow covered hunting area to the west of the field. Use it on a hole to get a stinking potato. Use any of the three ingredients on one of the others to make a Terrible Pie, then cook it with the pub’s oven. However, the pie smells horrible so you will need to find Foppish Pierre. Pickpocket him to get some expensive spices to disguise the smell and turn it into a Mouth-Watering Pie.

Delivering the Pie: Let Them Eat Pie F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Take the pie to Rolo the Stout, upstairs of The Pick and Lute. He will eat the pie and will become ill because it is just that terrible. You can either listen to him vomiting, or leave. Talk to Nails, then go upstairs to steal the seal from the chest. Take the seal to Nails again, and then afterwards, you will have to hand it to Foppish Pierre. Return to Nails to conclude this quest.