Generating Income from Toadflax Seeds for Runescape Gold Hunters

Herbs are a good source of Runescape gold. Especially for herbs such as the Toadflax as they are often used in potions to help train Herblore. In today’s guide, we will teach you how to get profitable albeit cheap RS gold by planting and farming this particular herb.  This method requires a moderate amount of gold4rs though, so it is up to you if you want to buy RS gold. As with many planting endeavors, you must give before you take!

runescape gold toadflax seeds

Investing Runescape Gold as Capital

For this method, you will need cheap Runescape gold for Toadflax Seeds and Supercompost. You will also need to have Farming at level 38. Feel free to buy Runescape gold to help with that. Access to Herb Patches is also required. Lastly, you will need a lot of patience for this method. Alternatively,  and much more recommended is that you have another money making method to do while waiting on this method.

Plant Seeds, Reap Runescape Gold!

Farming Toadflax is relatively simple. Get your Toadflax Seeds and Supercompost and keep them in your inventory. Next travel to a Herb Patch. Once there, use the Supercompost the patch and then plant the seeds. The seed will grow into a harvestable Toadflax in 80 minutes. The harvested Grimy Toadflax sells for 5,199 coins on the Runescape Grand Exchange. Note that you are free to do anything while the seeds grow, even using a different method to earn more gold.

Making the Most Out of your Runescape Gold Profit

The most obvious way of getting more gold through farming is by increasing the yield of your crops, in this case the Grimy Toadflax. There are several things that can help here. First is a Juju Farming Potion that gives your character a chance to get two herbs in one harvest. Next are Magic Secateurs that boost yield by 10%. Similarly the Greenfingers aura can boost yield by as much as 10%. Meanwhile a Scroll of Life can help you get your seed back after harvesting 10% of the time.

Another thing worth noting is the Herb Patch you are using. There are several in game, but only a few are easy to access and have plots for five herbs. Of note are the patches near Catherby, Ardougne and Falador. These can be reached by lunar teleport spells, an Explorer’s Ring 3, Ardougne Cloak 2 and the like.

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