Earning Deadman Gold through the Bank Raiding System

Just started playing on Deadman mode? I’m sure you’ve encountered a few deadman gold making tips. Bank raiding is one of the deadman gold earning strategies that have been hotly debated among players in forums. On today’s article we will be discussing the Bank Raiding system, how it works, and hopefully help you earn deadman gold to enhance your in game character. Read on below for more information.

Beating the Bank Raiding System for Deadman Gold Hunters

The Bank Raiding System is pretty intricate but it isn’t impossible to beat. Beating it is risky and complicated but rewarding. Players have successfully beat the Bank Raiding System by using mule accounts to protect their valuable items. In addition, another tip would be for players to hedge all their valuable items by trading them for liquid or assets that will make them very difficult and nearly impossible to raid in order to further protect their banks and items.

Joining a Clan for Deadman Gold Hunters

Another useful tip is to join a clan. Look for a more powerful one. Make friends and sift through the weak. They will come in handy in the vicious Deadman mode. Moreover, in Deadman mode, you will surely encounter pvp initiation and will almost entirely be under the protection of a clan who will likely find ways to avoid the punishments of death. The stakes are high because there is are big risks of losing your valuable items and usually this stops individual players and small groups from being able to play pvp. That’s why joining a clan is a recommended option as they gain bigger rewards than others and will additionally provide a bit more protection.

Avoid Being Raided for Deadman Gold Hunters

Players are expected to put a lot of effort in the protection of their property, especially their valuable items in their banks through mules and other mechanic-abusing tactics in the vicious Deadman mode. The more time you spend in the game, the less possibility you have of losing a percentage of your wealth. Invest time to diversify your assets to be able to keep at least 50% of your bank even at 28 items lost on death.