The Death Plateau F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Time for another Runescape F2P (free-to-play) quest guide, RS gold hunters! Help the Burthorpe Imperial guard gain access to the Death Plateau in order for them to defeat the hostile trolls in this quest for more gold4rs! Find out more about the Death Plateau quest in the article below.

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Thrower Trolls at the Death Plateau: An Overview for Runescape Gold Hunters

You can start this quest by talking to Commander Denulth first. You can locate him south east of the Burthorpe Iodestone, inside the building. He will tell you of the Thrower Trolls that have taken over Death Plateau, and that his men cannot address the issue. He claims there is a cave past the defensive wall where a dwarf named Sabbot lives. Agree to help him to prompt the beginning of this quest. You won’t need too much equipment in this easy and short quest, though you might want to buy RS gold if you have other needs as this is a good time to stack up.

Sabbot the Dwarf in the Death Plateau F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Afterwards, head north west along the road and through the defensive wall to the west, through the hole where the Wall guard stands and not through the door as it is locked. From the wall head north west from the Warrior’s Guild and into a cave (marked on your minimap). Head inside the cave and speak with Sabbot. Tell him that an alternate route must be found, but he will not help you, unless you tell him you will not move, to which he will give in eventually. According to him, the best way to get up the pass is by going under the rocks through breaking into a natural cave. His wife, Freda, has some notes that will help. Go to her house to the west along the path to retrieve her notes.

Freda’s Notes in the Death Plateau F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

From Sabbot’s cave, follow the path to the west until you stumble upon a T-intersection. Avoid going north as there are trolls which will attack you. Take the path west, then travel south and you will see Freda’s house. Speak with Freda to ask for her notes, and explain to her where you will use them for. She will tell you she needs to dig out the information after she gets her climbing boots re-spiked. Offer to help her and she will ask you to see Dunstan in a house east of Burthorpe Castle. You can use your home teleport spell to get back to Burthorpe. Head east past the Burthorpe agility course and then head directly north. Talk to Dunstan and ask him to put fresh spikes on the boots. After getting them re-spiked, simply return to Freda to continue onward with the quest. Note that if you have climbing boots that you have bought with cheap RS gold in your inventory, you will lose them as well.

The Alternate Route in the Death Plateau F2P Quest for Runescape Gold Hunters

Once you have obtained the Survey from Freda, read it, and then talk to Sabbot back in his cave. Mine the western rockwall in Sabbot’s cave. Enter and Sabbot will give you four rabbit sandwiches. There are several obstacles inside the cave you must overcome that can inflict damage upon your character, which you could easily recover from anyway with a few recovery items. Jump down the Cliffside to the south and proceed east to a gap, marked by an arrow on your minimap. Go through the gap and then jump the crevice. Head all the way south and swing across the rope hanging from the vines. You may then proceed west and jump the stepping stones, through the gap to the south. Finally, climb the Cliffside to the south, go east and south over the agility obstacles, and then climb the Cliffside to exit the cave. This will prompt a cutscene, eventually leading to a battle with a troll named The Map. He is weak to water spells and is extremely easy to defeat. Once dead, return to Burthorpe via your home teleport spell, and the quest is done!