Deadman Gold: The Hardcore is Not For the “Hardcore”

getting the deadman gold for your deadman pvp character

Reddit is an incredibly interesting place to troll around in. There are threads and the like for every game, but, of course, I tend to frolic in the somewhat stinky oceans of piss on /r/2007scape. There is a lot of salt to find there due to the incessant amount of people complaining about this and that. While looking around any reddits on farming Deadman gold, I noticed one redditor complaining about everybody else complaining about Deadman mode. It was complain-ception.

He stated that people completely miss the point of Deadman mode. And Jagex, being stupid at times, decided to nerf some qualities of the game because of all the people complaining about them. Like what things, you ask? Well, for starters, folks have been complaining that death is too punishing. Seriously? You head into what is touted to be the most hardcore mode of Runescape and then you QQ about it being too hard? That, my friends, is idiocy at its finest.

Deadman Gold: Practice What You Preach

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I agree with the original poster of that topic. It’s just like picking up the habit of smoking and then start complaining why they’re dying faster. It’s stupid! I’d normally let things like that go because we all know that people will complain about everything under the sun. But Jagex, 3 days into the Deadman mode going live, acceded to a couple of the polling morons on reducing experience and skill penalty. A few months or a year down, I wouldn’t mind them nerfing the mode if it really did cause some problems, but certainly not in 3 days!

That is a dumb move, Jagex. They should have at least considered the opinions of other folks who were not bothered by that rather than consenting to the noisy minority of pussies. RS Deadman isn’t for the faint of heart as I said in earlier articles. The mode won’t have a future if they keep dumbing down the content over and the course of the first week and not to mention the 3 months it has been out. They should have taken a longer time to observer what occurs within the game rather than making rash decisions in fear of losing players in Deadman mode.

It’s funny, though, because this isn’t unique to RS Deadman in any way. A lot of other MMOs have the same problems with the vocal minority and audience-pleasing developer/publisher. This is a trend that needs to stop. A game was meant to be played the way it was created. If you don’t like Deadman mode, don’t throw a tantrum about how hard it is. You either adjust to the TRUE gameplay of the mode or retreat back to whatever mode of Runescape you’re more comfortable with. I got so distracted by this that I still don’t have a good way to farm for Deadman gold. Thanks a lot, Obama Jagex.

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