Deadman Gold: Bounty Hunter Idea!

Deadman mode, while being the newest version of Runescape to grace the internet, isn’t one of the more popular versions that people frequent. This is especially true for newbies in Runescape due to Deadman’s extremely harsh penalties on death. While it may be appealing to the hardcore, the mode also has its faults for them and somewhat makes the mode fail on multiple levels.

One of these levels is the idea of PK-ing or, for the uninitiated, Player Killing. Deadman mode is touted as the ultimate Runescape PvP mode where anything goes so long as you can take it. Dangers are everywhere and you can only get by through whatever social network in Deadman you can created. But even then, there’s always the danger that your friends can betray you at any time and take away everything you’ve worked so hard for, especially your hard-earned Deadman gold.

deadman image

Because of this aspect, Player Killing, ironically, isn’t too popular in Deadman mode despite focusing on hardcore PvP. Players tend to avoid PK as much as possible due to the extreme penalties if one loses in combat. A redditor proposed an idea to make PK, not only more lucrative, but more appealing in general by suggesting that a Bounty Hunter element be placed in.

He proposes that Players would have the option to post the on some board in-game for the player that they want dead. With a “last seen” and “last world and location” option, it could very well replicate how bounty hunting is represented as we know them in popular media. A reward for a sum of Deadman gold would then be posted for anybody that can take down the wanted player and proof through screenshots with a date and time to receive their reward.

Not only will bounty hunters get the loot of the wanted man if they succeed, but they would also reap the rewards of the original poster of the bounty. Of course, as the redditor points out, it would be better if this would be “unofficial”, so as to add more realism to the activity. This is because the bounty hunter may or may not get paid after the hunt, adding more tension and awesome conflict within Deadman mode. The redditor has even started it off by posting a 1 million Deadman gold reward for a specific player named “AC Punisher.”

This is a really interesting concept that could very well revitalize a flogging Runescape mode. If more people get on this, I can only see Deadman mode becoming cooler and cooler.