Deadman Gold – A Golden Innovation

It just occurred to me… You really can’t have fair trades with other people in Runescape’s Deadman mode. I mean, if you ever find yourself trading with another player for like, let’s say, a shiny new weapon, what’s stopping him from whacking on your face right after the trade, taking your hard-earned Deadman Gold and item away from you as he runs off into the wild, blue yonder?

I’m stoked about the level of PvP that you could possibly experience, but if you ever do decide to trade with someone outside guarded areas, odds are you are going to get swindled, my friend. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not at all saying that this is a bad thing, so don’t start with the “git gud” or “gtfo baby” insults at me. In fact, I think of it as the opposite. This is an AMAZING innate element in the game. It really does give the sense that it’s the survival of the fittest and that you really do need to have a network of allies that you can trust just to survive the harshness of Deadman mode’s landscape.

Jagex kind of put Runscape in line with real, open-world survival games like Day Z, Rust, Nether, Albion Online, and the whole slew of those dominating the industry. Except that this is in a fantastic setting that borders the reality of the real world’s medieval times. Rogues and bandits running about, dishonest knights embroiled in corruption, and various vagabonds that attempt to get ahead in their lives by killing, stealing, and destroying as much as they can. It’s freaking amazing!

The awesomeness of this idea, however, is ruined by the fact that you can’t trade anything to anybody if you’ve received an item too recently. In fact, even mules are being watched out for to avoid the standard gold trading between your main account and dummy accounts. That kind of destroys the whole point of a savage and harsh fantasy world where anything goes. How this will affect the game in the long run is yet to be seen, but other than that, if trading were only a bit more liberal in Deadman mode, we might actually see a legitimate, dystopian fantasy world that a lot of us can find solace in.

In my opinion, Deadman Mode, if it gets further changes, can become the Runescape game that everyone will be dying for. It’s high-time that we all get a little more ballsy and find that excitement most of us MMO veterans have missed since the savage times of vanilla WoW. I bet a billion Deadman gold that this game is just going to get better and better.