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getting the deadman gold for your deadman pvp character

Reddit is an incredibly interesting place to troll around in. There are threads and the like for every game, but, of course, I tend to frolic in the somewhat stinky oceans of piss on /r/2007scape. There is a lot of salt to find there due to the incessant amount of people complaining about this and that. While looking around any reddits on farming Deadman gold, I noticed one redditor complaining about everybody else complaining about Deadman mode. It was complain-ception. He stated that people completely miss the point of Deadman mode. And Jagex, being stupid at times, decided to nerf […]

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Just started playing on Deadman mode? I’m sure you’ve encountered a few deadman gold making tips. Bank raiding is one of the deadman gold earning strategies that have been hotly debated among players in forums. On today’s article we will be discussing the Bank Raiding system, how it works, and hopefully help you earn deadman gold to enhance your in game character. Read on below for more information. Beating the Bank Raiding System for Deadman Gold Hunters The Bank Raiding System is pretty intricate but it isn’t impossible to beat. Beating it is risky and complicated but rewarding. Players have […]

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Deadman mode is a variant of Old School RuneScape, where a separate server is hosted. It features an open PvP environment, which means that there are no “safe zones”, excluding Tutorial Island. Player’s in-game can speak to Nigel in Lumbridge graveyard for information about Deadman mode. Experience gained in Deadman mode will be 5x more than usual; however, experience that is gained from quests will not be multiplied. In addition, experience will not be gained in instanced areas. Every Deadman Gold Hunter begins their adventure at combat level 3, and progress in Old School Runescape or any other game (RuneScape […]

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It just occurred to me… You really can’t have fair trades with other people in Runescape’s Deadman mode. I mean, if you ever find yourself trading with another player for like, let’s say, a shiny new weapon, what’s stopping him from whacking on your face right after the trade, taking your hard-earned Deadman Gold and item away from you as he runs off into the wild, blue yonder? I’m stoked about the level of PvP that you could possibly experience, but if you ever do decide to trade with someone outside guarded areas, odds are you are going to get […]

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